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Who is A Lone Boat?

A Lone Boat consists of one guy, me, Alexander Glerup and my guitar. I have written songs for over 5 years. I have however only recently started focusing my songs around specific subjects and dared to call myself by one name. The genre played in A Lone Boat is Singer-songwriter, so pop-rock, along with elements of blues to give the sound more depth, and grunge to make it angrier. The subjects covered are; anger, frustration, breaking one’s own moral, love, the beauty of the quiet moments in the morning and much more along those lines. In my texts, I like to use nature, either as a symbol of something or just describing it, and funnily enough the ocean keeps reappearing.

My inspirations come from other singer-songwriters such as Tina Dico, Stephen Fretwell and The Tallest Man on Earth. However, I am also inspired by giants such as Pink Floyd and their focus on lyrics with a simple melody and simple chords used only as a means of backing them up. All that said, though, I am just a guy with his guitar, who likes to write songs about everyday life and the things I meet along the way. Music to me is a canvas that I can fill with my thoughts and frustrations and use it as a means to get them out. This has – luckily – resulted in a good song or two and I am more than happy to share them with you.

VIDEO: The Nympho & The Lover

Jeg optrådte med "The Nympho & The Lover" til The LivingRoom i Odense i sidste måned - se videoen herunder!

Jeg skal på Emergenza!

Det er endnu engang tid til EMERGENZA FESTIVAL og jeg stiller op i de indledende runder! Jeg har brug for al jeres hjælp og støtte - at vinde på Emergenza Festivalen er nemlig et fantastisk springbræt ind i musikverdenen - så det er muligvis den vigtigste koncert i...